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Athletic Guards

Protect Your Teeth Like a Pro. 

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Sport Guards

Protect your teeth like a Pro.

"Traditional mouth guards weren't doing us any favors,
so we made one that will."

We Got Your Teeth Covered

Buying Dental Care should leave you feeling happy and confident, with money in your pocket. Nightguards, whitening trays, and retainers.

"Same Sports Mouth Guards used in the NHL, NBA, & NFL."

Next Generation Athletic Guards


The Next Generation of Athletes

How It Works

Why Choose Custom?

Less Bulk & More Comfort

less obstructed helping you
breath easier & stay vocal.

High-Impact Protection

More Padding and protection
where it matters.

Designed Sport Specific

Thickness & coverage
designed for your needs.

How It Works

Take Impression

Take a simple impression & mail it back in our provided prepaid mailer.

We Mail Guard

We mail your custom-made
professional sports mouth guard.

Keep'em Comin

You can order additional guards & more online for $50. No impressions kit required.

Athletic Guards
Athletic Guards
Athletic Guards
Athletic Guards
Athletic Guards
Athletic Guards

Athletic Guards


What’s included in TruFIT Athletic Guard

  • Athletic Mouth Guard x1
  • Impression Kit
  • Dental Case
  • Cleaning Tablets

TruFIT is your one-stop shop for high-quality custom dental care. We ship an impression kit to you and deliver your custom product directly to your door.


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