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How It Works

Take Impression 

Take a simple impression & mail it back in our provided prepaid mailer. We take care of the rest.

We Mail Guard

We use the latest 3D scan & print technology to manufacture a perfect fitting guard and mail it to your door.

Keep'em Comin!

Since your impression is digitally stored, your next purchase is 60% off and does not require an additional impression.

Experience Your TRUFIT

Thanks to advances in 3D technology & years of meticulous research, testing and refinement, we have created a mouthguard that is optimized for your maximum comfort, protection & performance.

Comfort Cuts

Precision cuts allows athletes to breathe easy & speak clearly all game long.

Anchor Stabilizers

Stabilizers lock down into rear molars to preserve a secure fit with zero extra bulk.

Fitted Grooves

Contoured grooves from high-pressure forming, create a fit so perfect you'll have to experience it for yourself.

Our Gram


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