Refund Policy

We understand there are times when a request for a refund is needed and we are happy to complete the process.

To request the refund please complete the following:

  • Email with your request
  • Include your reason for the refund and any past communication regarding the refund
  • The Impression Kit is not refundable, but your mouthguards will be refunded

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If our customers are dissatisfied with the quality or fit of their custom-fit device we will address the issue, fix the problem, or remake their product.

30-Day Warranty Program

We don’t anticipate issues with our product, however, if you are experiencing an issue or problem we provide a 30-day Warranty which provides a resolution for happy customers.

We encourage our customers to contact us immediately!

Please email us at and tell us what is wrong with your product in as much detail as possible. The more information we have the faster we will be able to resolve the problem. 

Here are some common issues people experience to help you with your description:

  • Is it too loose?
  • Is it lopsided?
  • Is there an area that doesn’t fit correctly?
  • Other? __________________

Include a picture of the PRODUCT pointing out the problem areas so we can view it against the mold we have on file.

Additionally, please provide your order #, name, address, and email address to verify your account.