The mouthguard
athletes want
to wear

Custom-fit performance mouthguards

delivered to your door.

USA Hockey

Proudly serving

New York Rangers
New York Islanders
USA Hockey

Proudly serving

New York Rangers
New York Islanders
USA Hockey

We think mouthguards needed an upgrade.

So we built a performance guard that athletes want to wear.

Breathe easy, speak clearly, & ditch the bulk.

Welcome to the Future of Custom-Fit.



Our patented, 3D printed force distributing splint acts like rebar for your teeth and protects unlike anything you have experienced before.

Team Color

Choose from all the colors of the rainbow to create the bundle of your dreams.

Precision Cuts

We remove all excess material allowing for unimpaired speaking & breathing, all game long.

Custom ID

Make it your own with your jersey number or initials.

Compression Pads

Strategically placed based on your individual alignment to optimize airflow & protect against grinding, clenching, and slamming.

Fitted Grooves

Cup each individual tooth, creating a fit so perfect, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.


Designed for Comfort

The best guard is the one you forget you’re wearing. Maximum protection without consequences.

Breathe & Speak Freely

No more mute buttons or muzzles. Speak and breathe as if you are not wearing a guard at all.

Stays in Place

No more fighting to keep your guard in place. Just focus on the game.

How It Works


Take a simple impression and mail it back in our provided prepaid mailer. Returning customers skip this step!

(<3 Minutes)

Lab Creates
Your Guard.

We scan, design, and manufacture your custom-fit product. (all in the USA)

(~2 to 3 days)

We Mail
Your Guard.

As soon as it’s ready, your custom-fit product is mailed to your door.

Keep ‘Em

Since your scan is digitally stored, you only have to take an impression when purchasing your first custom-fit product.

“Hands down the comfiest mouthguard I have ever worn. Stays in place and allows you breathe clearly.”

Sasha Pastujov

Anaheim Ducks, NHL
2021 Round 3. #66 Overall

"I personally love the TruFIT mouthpiece as it is as advertised. No need to chew and mess around with it as it molds perfectly to your teeth. I'm still able to communicate at a clear and high level while simultaneously keeping me and my teeth safe."

JT Giles-Harris

Premier Lacrosse League, Chrome

NCAA Duke Alumni

"As an athlete, you must take care of your body and getting the right equipment is essential to this fact. TruFIT Customs and their products are perfect when it comes to protecting one’s teeth. When it comes to custom-fit no one does it better. When it comes to a mouthpiece having a sleek look and comfortable feel, no one does it better. Invest in your safety and compete with style and grace. Guaranteed!"

Oluwale "The Holy War Angel" Bamgbose

UFC Middleweight

"Gives me piece of mind knowing I am protected in high performance / high intensity situations. A great non-invasive fit keeps me from even noticing it after I lock it in. I highly recommend!"

Jarred Conners

Premier Lacrosse League, Archers
NCAA Virginia Alumni

"I've never been able to find a mouthguard that offered both maximum protection, an ultra low profile and REAL seamless comfort. TruFIT are the only mouthguards I can wear without being constantly reminded by discomfort that there is something in my mouth protecting me. Unreal!"

Chris Kibui

Hockey Tutorial (YouTube)


If you need additional support, please email us at

As soon as your impression is received at our lab, it will take approximately 2-3 business days before your new appliance is completed and shipped. International shipping can be a lengthy process. Please be patient when ordering internationally.

To purchase custom-fit products in the past, your dentist would have to take an impression at his/her office, and send it out to a dental laboratory for design and manufacturing. This requires using valuable office time which needs to be incorporated into the price of the guard, and third party laboratory services. Since we operate our own laboratory, are using a self-impression method and the latest 3D technology we are able to dramatically reduce the cost of your custom-fit products.

IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions and watch the tutorial video before making your first attempt.

We send you 2 attempts in your initial impression kit (please send back any unused attempts). If you are unable to produce a good impression after 2 attempts, contact us and we will send you replacement putty free of charge (the trays are reusable). If the kit is mailed back to us and the impression(s) are bad/unusable, a $15 charge will incur to cover shipping another impression kit to you.

The putty will last over 2 years. TruFIT will make your product no matter how long it takes for us to receive the kit back.

Unfortunately, custom-fit products are NOT suitable for athletes currently undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces or aligners). However, we are the perfect after braces solution as one impression can be used to order custom-fit retainers, sport mouthguards, whitening trays and grinding guards for life!

Yes, custom-fit products are available for customers under 15. However, it is likely that future purchases will require a new impression until adult orientation is reached.

Made in USA

The highest quality American made products. No shortcuts.

Laser 3D Printed

Built using the latest 3D scan and print technology.

Scan Storage

Fast & easy reorders.

No impression kit required.