Nicole Lane - Nov 23, 2022

3 Reasons Why TruFIT Customs Are The Best Mouthguards For Athletes

There are many different types of mouthguards on the market and plenty of options at your local sporting goods store. However, none of them compare to a TruFIT Customs high-performance mouthguard.

In addition to being The Official Mouthguard of USA Hockey and a Proud Partner of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), here are a few reasons why athletes choose TruFIT Customs guards over the competition.

3 Reasons Why TruFIT Customs Are The Best Mouthguards For Athletes

Comfort. Dentist and oral surgeons agree, the best mouthguard is the one that is worn and fitted properly. That why one of the primary focuses of our design was the players comfort.

Performance. Athletes report that the main reason they don't wear mouthguards are because mouthguards traditionally inhibit the players ability to breathe and speak.

Protection. OTurfit Guards are built with dental-grade material and include compression pads to damper shockwaves from external impact.

1. Our mouthpieces are designed for comfort

The best guard is the one you forget you’re wearing. That is certainly the case with a TruFIT Customs mouthguard. Our guards are made using the latest 3D scan-and-print technology and offer medical-grade protection without compromise.

Made with High-Precision 3D Technology. TruFIt guards are not just uniquely designed but are fabricated with the latest 3D technology for the highest-quality fit.

The perfect fit made possible by high-precision 3D Technology

Delivered On-Demand. With our digital storage service TruFIT customs offers the most convenient way to get custom-fit sport mouthguards.

Innovated Custom-fit Products Driven by Technology

2. Athletes can breathe and speak with ease

Because our guards are custom-fit to your mouth, you won’t have to worry about popping it in and out between plays or during timeouts. Precision cuts remove all excess material and fitted grooves cup each individual tooth for a perfect fit.

 Unlike the traditional “boil and bite” mouthguards that most people are familiar with, our guards are slim and truly fitted without the bulk.

Built for Athletes by Athletes

1. Our guards stay in place 

Athletes won’t be distracted by a mouthpiece that is sliding around and falling out. Your mouthguard is literally made just for you and customized exactly to your mouth.

 Compression pads are strategically placed based on your individual alignment to optimize airflow and prevent grinding, slamming, or clenching.

Built for Athletes by Athletes

From the simplicity of the impression kit (with free standard shipping and no office visits required), to the patented 3D printing process and customization options, we offer a shopping experience like no other. Parents love us because their athletes actually want to wear these mouthguards and are less likely to lose them. Athletes love us because there is no better mouthguard out there that offers our level of customization and protection.

The comfort and breathability of our guards are at the core of what makes TruFIT Custom Mouthguards the best mouthguards for athletes.

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