Nicole Lane - Dec 8, 2022

Mouthguard Misconduct

Learn how TruFIT Customs can keep you out of the box and on the ice.

Sasha Pastujov, Guelph Storm, OHL

Fighting, slashing, spearing, and chirping the ref are all sure fire ways to earn yourself a 10 minute misconduct penalty. But did you know that in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), getting caught without your mouthguard is also cause for a 10 minute misconduct? No, seriously. It’s called a ‘mouthguard violation’ (real clever) - and this past week, the OHL dished out 25 of them. Now, we’re no math experts, but that’s a little over 4 hours worth of penalties all because players don’t want to wear their mouthguards.

Per Rule 9.10 of the OHL rulebook,

“All players must properly wear a full colored (non-clear) dentist fabricated mouth guard that covers the back molar teeth. Should an official be informed by a coach or player or notice himself that a player is not wearing a mouth guard the referee shall then assess the player a misconduct penalty for mouthguard violation.”

Here are a few takeaways from Rule 9.10 that you should note:

  1. Refs need to be able to easily spot your mouthguard, so it can’t be clear or translucent.
  2. Chewing, gnawing, or letting your mouthguard dangle out the side of your mouth doesn’t count as ‘properly wearing’ the mouthguard.
  3. Opposing players and coaches can and will rat you out.

But Rule 9.10 isn’t anything new.

In fact, this regulation has been in place for over 15 years, per OHL vice-president Ted Baker. So why the sudden crackdown?

“We’re trying to educate players and reinforce something that is in their best interest,” Baker noted. He would go on to share that the most recent medical data shows a 28% reduction in concussions among hockey players who wear mouthguards, not to mention that there’s fewer dental injuries and medical bills.

There has to be a reason why players across the OHL refuse to wear their mouthguards despite all of the benefits, right?

Actually, there’s more than one: traditional mouthguards are bulky and uncomfortable, plus they make it hard to breathe and even harder to communicate with your teammates.

So solve this problem, the team at TruFIT Customs felt that mouthguards needed an upgrade, so they built a performance guard that athletes actually want to wear.

Zach Filak, Sarnia Sting, OHL

Designed for Comfort. The best guard is the one you forget you’re wearing. Maximum protection without consequences.

Breathe & Speak Freely. No more mute buttons or muzzles. Speak and breathe as if you are not wearing a guard at all.

Stays in Place. No more fighting to keep your guard in place. Just focus on the game

TruFIT makes it easy and affordable to experience your custom fit by shipping medical-grade products straight to your door.

By utilizing a precise 3D scan and the latest print technology, TruFIT is able to deliver the perfect fit, guaranteed. So you can stay on the ice and out of the penalty box!

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Hunter Brzustewicz, Kitchener Rangers, OHL