Nicole Lane - Dec 15, 2022

Stay On The Mat & Out Of The Dentist’s Office

Why TruFIT Customs are the perfect mouthguard for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jason Alvardo | The LA Juijitsu Club

It doesn’t matter if it's an unlucky roll with a blue belt or a heated grappling session with a wily beginner, accidents in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are bound to happen.

Bumps to the mouth can result in cuts and bruises, as well as chipped or even knocked out teeth. Not to mention the high amounts of pressure that can be placed on your jaw during a submission. Some of the more common injuries we see in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu include:

Tooth Injuries: Remember that ‘wily beginner’ we were talking about earlier? He thinks he’s the next Charles Oliveira, but he operates more like Tyson in his prime. When this guy’s on the mat, teeth can get chipped, moved around, or even knocked clean out.

Tongue Injuries: Sometimes biting your tongue is a good thing - especially if you’re someone who tends to put their foot in their mouth. In BJJ however, biting your tongue is a serious injury that can result in a trip to the ER and a fresh set of stitches.

Jaw Injuries: Have you ever had a blue, brown, or black belt lock their grip around your neck? It’s not for the faint of heart. Restricted breathing and heightened pressure around the jaw can cause competitors to grit and grind their teeth, ultimately resulting in stress fractures and other injuries. (Think twice before signing up to tango with that black belt.) misconduct penalty for mouthguard violation.” 

Mouthguards can absorb force from steady pressure and accidental impacts that happen while training, offering cost-effective protection from the injuries listed above. The issue? Fighters don’t tend to wear them because most mouthguards on the market are too bulky and cause discomfort and restricted breathing...and nobody wants to feel like they’re choking before their bout even begins.

Chewy, Chewjitsu

Chewy's honest review of TruFIT Mouthguards for BJJ

At TruFIT Customs, our team felt that mouthguards needed an upgrade, so we built a performance guard that offers maximum protection without consequences.

No more muzzles, no more fighting to keep your mouthguard in place, and no more choking...on your mouthguard at least.

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TruFIT makes it easy and affordable to experience your custom fit by shipping medical-grade products straight to your door.

By utilizing a precise 3D scan and the latest print technology, TruFIT is able to deliver the perfect fit, guaranteed. So you can stay on the ice and out of the penalty box!

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Hunter Brzustewicz, Kitchener Rangers, OHL